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DNScript Domain Name Sales Portfolio Management Software
DNScript News

DNScript.com News

  • DNSPortfolio.com is transitioning to DNScript.com. This is an ongoing process. This is an announcement. You cannot download the new DNScript.com here, until it is released on approx June 1st 2017.
  • We have succeeded in DNScript.com being still compatible with the DNSPortfolio.com Database. So your old data will work after upgrade.

DNScript.com Features

  • DNSscript.com is a Domain Name Sales Portfolio Management Software for domain owners to list their Domains For Sale on their own website. Written in PHP and using MySQL/MySQLi database. It has some powerful features.
  • DNScript.com is free for non-commercial use, and distributed under the Creative Commons License CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
  • Clean template design. It's quick and easy to install. It is installed as a sub-folder, meaning better SEO opportunities, and it's easy to install on an existing website.
DNScript Features
DNScript More Features

More Features ...

  • Admin back-end for database management. Database backup and restore. Recapcha on Contact Form.
  • DNScript.com can be installed as a standalone website, or it can be integrated into an existing website.
  • Can handle thousands of domains. Each Domain has it's own landing page. Bulk upload domains.
  • Unlimited Categories. Multiple categories per Domain. Full documentation. Error handling system. And much more....

DNScript.com Demo

  • DEMO USER takes you to the working demo at EliteDoms.com.

  • DEMO ADMIN Is showing the old DNSPortfolio.com Demo. Functionality is same in DNScript.com with the front end Interface.
DNScript Demo
DNScript Support

DNScript.com Support

  • The Documentation is still the useful DNSPortfolio.com Documentation until release. It won't change much.
  • The Support Forum is being developed for future feedback and support on DNScript.com. The old support link below is now obsolete.

Download DNScript.com

  • Only the old DNSPortfolio.com Download is available at this time.

  • You are required to login to download DNSPortfolio.com.

  • You can test drive the new front end at EliteDoms.com.
DNScript Download

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