Some Further Info about DNScript.comSome Further Info about DNScript.com

Stuff happening behind the scenes as of March 28th 2017. We are running about 2 weeks behind schedule at the moment, But I'm expecting to make a lot of this time up in the next week. If we manage that. Then maybe or maybe not we'll meet our deadline of June 1st. But in any case. It's going to be released soon.

Both front and backends have been redisigned with a new modern look.


1. A little bit of tidying up of the Portfolio Search page has been done and hopefully all of the search bugs have been fixed.

2. I am working on adding TLD's to the Search. I'm going to be using as standard only 4 TLD Categories, COM, All GTLDs (except COM), ccTLDs, NGTLDs. But you will be free to add as many TLD's as you see relevant for your website. If you don't use to Search for a TLD, it won't be searched. If you choose to search a TLD, it will search the criteria selected within the other search boxes.

3. The Details Page (when you click on the Domain Name) is being redesigned and will look much smarter than now. It will also contain a picture of the Domain Name (or the TLD. See 4)

4. You won't necessarily need to input a picture for every domain, because a domain without a picture will use the picture from that TLD instead.

5. From both the Details Page and the Search Page you will be able to click on Buy Now or Make Offers. These emails will be 2 separate emails, unlike the 1 used now.

6. The Offerer/Purchaser will have to be logged in to send a Make Offer or Buy Now email. This is to prevent any Tom, Dick, or Harry from sending you rubbish emails. You will have the ability to ban annoying users.

7. Obviously #6 will Require Login/Logout links in the Menu. And I'm intending to include a ToS page (Probably blank)


1. Biggest difference about the backend is you will be using the same search criteria as the frontend to locate any domains you wish to edit or delete. This is much more efficient way to find any domain(s) you wish to edit/delete. You'll do a search and go straight to the Bulk Edit/Delete page.

2. I'll probably do away with the Database Info as not being very useful.

3. For both Categories and TLD's their will be only 1 page each for Add/Edit/Delete.

4. Not much else will change. Since basically this is mostly a facelift of the frontend with some added features.

5. I did say you would still be able to use your old database. But there have been some changes which require new database fields. Namely adding TLDs. But we will be working on finding a way to fix your database before you upgrade. Hopefully I think we can work that one out. So there would be no need to re-input all your data again.

6. When upgrading. As always it's better to backup and delete all files in your portfolio folder, but not delete the database, so you don't have any files left over from older versions.

7. The latest addition to DNScript v1.0 is a package with the ability to use Email Marketing techniques to all registered users. 7.It''s more than just a simple package. It's more than adequate. But it's not a full blown Email Marketing Program. But, I think you are going to like it. It should enhance your web presence.



Transitioning from DNSPortfolio.com to DNScript.comTransitioning from DNSPortfolio.com to DNScript.com

I never gave up on this project. Despite many difficulties over the years. It's been my biggest pet project of all time. DNSPortfolio.com is being updated and given a new name, DNScript.

OK. It's been a long time coming. With many false starts. but we are almost there. The Front-End is almost complete and the Back-End is about 75% complete. I'm expecting that it will be launched by 1st of June. This has been moved back from 1st May because I became quite sick, almost as soon as I announced this upgrade. So things have taken longer than expected. With this upgrade I'm moving to a new name DNScript.com. There isn't much to see at DNScript.com yet. But it has links to most of the important stuff on DNSPortfolio.com. But you can see an example of the Front-End at http://EliteDoms.com.

This is still all free software. But donations are always welcome to defray some considerable time and expenses. Some acknowledgements are in order:-
The DNScript.com website is a 1 page website is The Boxer Template from http://www.templatemo.com/page/4
The 1 page framework at EliteDoms.com is based upon the StartBootstrap.com https://startbootstrap.com/template-ove ... grayscale/
The Domain Name Sales Portfolio Management is all original and updated DNSPortfolio.com, http://www.DNScript.com
The Online Membership Management is from Admidio http://admidio.org
No downloads of DNScript.com will be avaiable until it is launched.